This book is an invaluable tool for any teacher who works with Latino students. The activities are a great resource for introductions and obtaining information on students backgrounds, as well as team building in the classroom.

Sirci Stinson,
ELL Teacher

About the book

'Survival Spanish for Teachers: What to Say and Do Until the Translator Gets There' is intended to provide teachers with basic knowledge about the Latino culture and the Spanish words and phrases necessary for teachers to be able to communicate with parents and students on a very basic level. It is not designed to teach teachers how to speak Spanish as a means of total communication.

This book will help you as a classroom teacher to learn more about your Latino students and help them better survive their transition into the American culture and the English language.

Copyright © 2007 by Rebecca Callaway. All rights reserved.
Hands Across the Culture Series © 2007
ISBN: 978-1-60702-015-8
Spiral bound for easy use
75 pages

About the author

Rebecca Callaway has been on the “front lines” teaching reading and language to ELL and regular education students for over 20 years. She holds a master’s degree as a reading specialist, has been listed in Who’s Who of American Teachers four separate times, and is the author of Grammar Graphics—The Manipulative Language Program. Rebecca is currently the Title I Program Specialist at McMurray Middle School in Nashville, Tennessee, where she helps teachers and students face the challenges and joys of diversity in today’s educational system.

How to use this book

This book is divided into six parts:

It is recommended that you read The Latino Culture section first before progressing further through the book. This section will give you insights and “Aha!” moments that will help you gain an understanding of your Spanish-speaking students before they come through your door.

Having this knowledge will make the difference between greeting these students with gestures and words they may not understand and greeting them with a confident smile saying:

"Welcome students!"

"¡Bienvenidos estudiantes!"

(BEE-ehn veh-NEE-dohs ehs-too-dee-AHN-tehs!)

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